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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Year to date (YTD) = Usually used in the actual results tables, compared to the budgeted and / or the forecast figures whereas, apart from the reference to the individual quarters of the year reference is also made to the results on a cumulative basis from the beginning of the year

You are square = You are even with somebody, you have retaliated the wrong thing was done to you

You are telling me? = I know the subject of what you tell me much better than you = Σ’ εμένα το λες; Εμένα μου λες (που το γνωρίζω πολύ καλά);
You bet =
You are absolutely right, I fully agree with what you say.

You can not have the cake and eat it = You cannot achieve two contradicting targets, you have to chose the one or the other  = Δεν μπορείς να έχεις και την πίτα ακέρια και το σκύλο χορτάτο

You have two options = either to win or to win = It emphasizes the need to win

You made my day  = What you told me is so pleasant to me that made me happy

You name it = There are so many that you may choose any of them
You named it = You just identified, found, said it

You need two to tango = In order to do something that needs the cooperation of two parties, these parties should be willing to cooperate, otherwise nothing can be done.

You owe me something = You must acknowledge a favor I did for you and I expect that some day in the future you will reciprocate
Your best is not enough =
A rather cynic answer to somebody who claims that he is doing his best


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