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Aris Gavriilidis


"...dear visitor,

welcome to

my site"

                     Dear Visitor, welcome to
                       my cerebral getaway, my
                       personal gallery, my web


I have gathered here all the products of my artistic creativity.  My sculptures

along with the books I have published (in Greek only), represent the most important culmination and fulfillment of whatever artistic flare burns within me.


I call my sculptures collection "Aristocrafts" playing with my first name, Aris, and the words crafts and aristocrats. Another word-play, covering the whole site, is the Latin phrase ARS GRATIA ARTIS  which I changed to "ARiS GRATIA ARtIS".


I hope you enjoy your stroll.

Aris Gavriilidis


I was born in Piraeus, Greece. After a succesfull career in ship financing, I retired and devote most of my time to books writing (fiction and non-fiction) and micro-sculpture.

My other interests include: articles and theater plays writing, opera, stamps collection, guitar playing, cross-word synthesis, Rotary.

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