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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Walk-in customer = Passer-by customer, a customer with no previous relationship or, in case of restaurants, a customer with no previous reservations

Waste of time = To do something in vain = Άδικος κόπος

Watch-dog = Guardian, somebody who guards very carefully something

Watering down = Reduction of one’s percentage of participation in a joint venture because the one does not participate in a required capital increase while the other partner(s) do

Way-out = Exit

We are back to square one = We are back to the starting point after having failed to reach our destination, a solution, etc.

We are in the arm twisting business = A cynic expression denoting that you have to exercise pressure in order to achieve your target dealing with some company

We do not seem to have received your = Advising somebody about the non receipt of something he is supposed to have sent you, keeping a reservation, though, that this thing may has been sent but you cannot find it.

We have a deal = We have reached an agreement to do business

We will cross it when we will come to it  = We will deal with that problem when the problem comes, not earlier

Wear and tear = The natural destruction, ruin of a machinery

Welcome on board = Welcoming a newcomer to a company

Well deserved = Used when congratulating people for their promotion

Well done = bravo// well roasted meat, as opposed to medium or rare

What is in for me? = What am I going to earn from this deal?

What is your proposal? = A question which may be addressed to somebody who is criticizing a mishandling of a situation

When in doubt, keep it out = An easy-to-remember piece of advice, thanks to  the rhyme, useful particularly when you write a report and you are not sure whether an item should be included or not

When you do not have something, you buy it = When building up a company and examine your resources, you may hire people with the specialties you are missing

Where I am/where I want to go/How I go there = The three basic phases of a strategy plan

Where there is a will there is a way = If you try hard you will succeed

White collar, blue collar staff, personnel = The administrative employees and the workers / technicians of a company, respectively.

Wholesale / retail = Sales of goods to merchants, traders, etc / Sale of goods to consumers, respectively (πώληση χονδρική/ λιανική). Ιn banking: business with the corporations / business with the individuals, respectively.

Wild ideas =  Imaginative ideas which may produce some more realistic ideas

Wishful thinking = The way of thinking which is based on wishes, not on reality = Ευσεβείς πόθοι

With all your respect = Please forgive me for what I am going to tell you, I do not mean to insult you  = Με όλο το σεβασμό

With good prospects to = With good chances to succeed

Within walking distance = A distance so short that one does not need to use a car

Work out situations = Situations with big problems which need solutions

Working paper =  An informal document that needs further work in order to take its formal or final form. See also «For discussion purposes only»

Worse case scenario = See «Doom’s day scenario»


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