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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Salary increase/ adjustment = A salary increase refers to the normal annual increase of an employee according to the policy of the company based on inflation, performance, etc. A salary adjustment is an one-off increase in order to be in line with the market levels, in case a disparity is noticed (e.g. due to considerable increases of the market levels for the specialty of the employee) and the employer want to rectify it.

Sales promotion = Activities targeting to sales increase

Sandwich course = A course which contains on-the-job-training, usually for one year, between two academic years.

Saturated market = A market that can not absorb any more sellers of a product / service, because the demand is already covered marginally by the existing sellers

Scrutiny, scrutinize = Examine something very carefully and thoroughly

Second chance = The opportunity given to somebody to prove that he/she is capable of doing something, after a failure the first time.

Second line of defense = Secondary arguments to support one’s position in case the primary arguments fail.

Second opinion = To seek the professional opinion of some expert after having previously consulted another expert on an important matter, in order to confirm the opinion given by the first.

Second thoughts = Thoughts that make somebody doubt the correctness of a previously taken decision.

Self development seminars = Seminars which cover self-development subjects, such as Quick reading, Effective Negotiations, Effective Presentations etc

Self discipline = The discipline one needs to impose to one’s self  in order to achieve certain targets.

Self fueled = One who gets irritated by his own angry words

Self fulfilling prophecy = A prediction which becomes true just because it has been made.

Self motivation  = The motivation that is generated not by external factors but by one’s self. See also “Motivation” and “Demotivation”

Senior debt. = Debt ranking first in repayment, before the subordinated debt. See also “Subordinated debt”.

Shoot = Ask your questions, I am ready to respond.

Short memory = Easily forgetting and repeating the same mistakes

Short/medium/long term = Generally, short term is considered to be up to one year period, medium, one-two years and then long term.

Show off = Demonstration of special capabilities in order to impress the others. To show off

Side effect = An effect being the result of an event or an action = Παρενέργεια

Signed and sealed = Fully, officially and irrevocably agreed.

Signing, Steel cutting, Keel laying, Launching, Delivery = These are the typical stages of the construction schedule of a new building vessel. Signing of the shipbuilding contract with the shipyard. Cutting the first steel plate. Keel laying is another initial stage of construction. Launching means the falling of the hull from the dry dock into the sea so that the construction works are continued while the vessel is afloat. Delivery of the vessel to her owners. These stages also mark the dates of the pre-delivery payments to the shipyard.

Skip it = Ignore it and go to the next = Πήδηξέ το, πήγαινε στο επόμενο

Smart ass = The fellow who plays it smart without being = Εξυπνάκιας

So far, so good = Satisfactory results until now

Softy = Somebody with soft character

Solid character = Firm character    

Sovereign risk, political risk = The risk of a country

Speak up = Speak louder

Spin off = Separation

Start up expenses = The initial expenses paid in order to start up a company

Steering committee = A high ranking committee in a company taking decisions and / or giving guidance

Stepping stone = Usually in the phrase : «You used our company as a stepping stone» meaning that you joined our company not to make a career here but in order to use this position in order to get another job with some other bigger or better company. It has a negative meaning

Straight forward = Plain, without any hidden elements. It describes either persons or situations. E.g. John is a straightforward person. He speaks his mind. I trust him. This is a straightforward transaction. We can sign it.

Strategically positioned = Properly located (geographically) or having acquired the proper assets on time in view of an anticipated upturn of the market

Strictly speaking = Using the narrow meaning of a word or a phrase. See also “Literally speaking”.

Strings attached = Extra terms not visible from the very beginning. E.g. The transaction is exactly as I described it. There are no strings attached.

Subject to = Provided that
Subject to confirmation = It will be valid only after I confirm it again
Subjects = Provisions, terms to be satisfied. See also “To raise the subjects”.

Subordinated debt = Debt to be repaid only after the previous repayment of the senior debt. See also “Senior debt”

Super market vs boutique approach = A company, bank, etc selling the full range of products as opposed to a company selling certain products, on a selective basis

Sweet nothings = Whispered in the ears of lovers = γλυκόλογα


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