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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


R&D (Research & Development) = The department of a company responsible for the development of new products or the improvement of the existing.                                    

Readily available = Immediately available

Red eye flight = A long distance flight, starting close to midnight, leaving the passengers practically sleepless

Red flag = A sign that is a warning of a forthcoming danger
Refund Guarantee = The letter of guarantee being issued by the bank of a shipyard guaranteeing the return of the pre-delivery payments to the yard, in case the yard does not complete the construction according to the terms of the shipbuilding contract. See also “Delivery, Steel cutting, Keel laying, Launching, Delivery”

Relationship  oriented / Transaction oriented = A relationship oriented company aims to build up strong and long lasting ties with its customers targeting to the profits being generated out of this relationship. A transaction oriented company aims to make profit by one or more transactions it does with its customers regardless whether there is a long term relationship.

Rep office (representation office) = A foreign company may prefer to open a rep office, rather than a branh, at least at a first stage, in another company for cost and other considerations. A rep office is not entitled to conduct any business acting mainly as a «mailing box» and as a liaison between the local customer and the foreing company.

Retail Banking : See “Whole sale/Retail”

Risk averter = The one who is not prepared to take risks in one’s business save for the absolutely necessary. See also “Risk taker / lover”

Risk taker / lover = The one who is prepared to take risks in business. See also “Risk averter”.

Road show = The series of consecutive presentations made by the top management of a company to prospective institutional investors, presenting their company aiming to convince them to invest in their papers (bonds or equity)

Role playing = A teaching technique used in seminars whereas the attendant is asked to play a role (banker, seller, customer etc.) following the instructions given.


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