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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Paperless office = The initial ambition of all the computers-related people, believing that the computers will displace the papers on an office.

Payment acceleration = If one payment installment is not paid, then, all the other installments which have not matured, are becoming due and payable.

Payment holiday = No obligation for loan debt service a specified. period. See also “On a pay-as-you-can-basis”, “Moratorium”, “Bullet payment”, “Balloon payment”.

Peace of mind = Trouble free situation
Per Diem allowance = Daily compensation
Piece of cake = Very easy to be done

Pillow = See “Buffer, pillow, cushion”

Pin striped suit = The usually dark blue suit with thin, vertical, parallel, white stripes favored in the business community (businessmen, high ranking executives etc)

Please do not quote me = Do not tell any body that I told you this

Policy guidelines = Basic rules governing the operation of a company
Poor judgement = Bad decision taken after evaluating various factors

Post dated = A document bearing a future date, usually a check

Power of Attorney = Εξουσιοδότηση = The formal delegation to a third person to sign on one’s behalf documents or to take action

PR = Public relations

Prevailing market = The market conditions existing at a specifically defined time period

Probation period, to be under probation = The period, usually 6 months, during which a new employee works on a test basis, and provided that he performs satisfactorily he/she will continue to work, otherwise he/she will be dismissed. An employee is put under probation if he/she makes a severe mistake and is given a second chance before he/she is dismissed

Production line  = A series of machinery working in combination in order to manufacture a product = Γραμμή παραγωγής

Profit Sharing Agreement = An agreement between two parties to split, on a 50% basis or otherwise, the extra profits they can make above a certain level. E.g. A vessel is under a charter party providing for a $10.000 daily hire and the charterer agrees to split with the shipowner any profit he can make above the daily hire.

Project = A specific task, regardless of its size, but usually big, such as the construction of a building or a vessel, See also “The project will fly” and “To kill the project = Έργο

Project financing = As opposed to “balance sheet financing”, means that the repayment resources are based only on the successful completion and operation of the project and not on the overall strength of a company as evidenced by its balance sheet. Therefore, the financing is usually secured with mortgages on the project. See also “Balance sheet financing” and “Asset financing”.

Project manager = The manager coordinating the completion of the project

Promising = Used as an adjective denotes the strong qualifications of somebody or something which will prove to be correct in the future

Pros and cons = The advantages and the disadvantages = Τα υπέρ και τα κατά

Provocative question = In the phrase «Can I ask you a provocative question?» denotes that the speakers wishes to ask a rather peculiar question but in good faith.

Public knowledge = A piece of information which is accessible by anybody, it is not private or privileged or confidential.


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