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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Occupancy rate = The actual usage of an hotel, cruise vessel, etc, expressed as a percentage of its capacity

Of even date = Of the same date

Off balance sheet = A transaction that, by its nature, is not reflected in the balance sheet of a company. E.g. Off balance sheet financing refers to a specific type of financing that is not included in the balance sheet affecting it adversely with its burden

Off we go = Lets start

Oil Majors = The oil major companies (BP, Shell, etc)

Oki doki = An informal friendly phrase denoting agreement or used in order to terminate a friendly discussion

Old timer = An employee who has been for many years with his company

On a best effort basis (as opposed to underwriting) = A bank undertaking to carry out a task without guaranteeing the results, while when underwriting a transaction e.g. syndicating a loan or selling a new shares issue, it undertakes to cover itself any uncovered balance.

On a pay-as-you-can basis = A loan repayment without any specific repayment schedule, necessitated by the prevailing special conditions. See also “Payment holiday”, “Moratorium”, “Bullet payment” and “Balloon payment”

On a turn-key basis  = On a full completion basis = Με το κλειδί στο χέρι

On his own = Alone.

On schedule, Behind schedule, Ahead of the schedule = (obvious meaning)

On the job training = The training a junior employees gets by working as opposed to attendance of seminars, lectures, etc.

One at a time = One by one, not altogether
One of his own = Unique
One of those days (weeks, etc) =
One of those terrible, difficult, tiresome days etc.

One-man-show = The whole company depending on one person only, usually the owner, being the driving force and the decision maker for all business issues, without delegation of power or authority to his subordinates. See also “Corporate structure”

One-off = Once only, not repeated

Open ended = Without any expiry date

Opportunity cost = The cost of not making another, competitive, thing by using the resources utilized for making this certain thing. = Κόστος ευκαιρίας.

Other people’s money = Setting up projects/ business without putting your own money, your contribution being the idea, the execution and the management of the project.

Over and above, in excess of, on top of, apart from = (useful synonyms)

Over my dead body = An adamant refusal


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