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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


N.A. = non applicable, non available
Name dropping =
To mention the names of well known people pretending that you know them in order to impress your listener and thus achieve your targets

Negotiating power = Means through which one can support his arguments, during negotiations, such as financial strength, and, to a certain extent, impose his terms.

Niche market = A sub-sector of the market, limited in size but promising

Nickel and dime = Non important things. Nickel (pron. Nikl) = 5 cents of the dollar. Dime = 10 cents.

Nose-diving = sharp reduction

No news, good news = The current situation is satisfactory in view of anticipated adverse developments

No pain, no gain = If you want to succeed you have to work hard = Τα καλά κόποις κτώνται

No strings attached = There are no other terms or conditions, hidden or not, which may distort the main issue (an offer, an agreement, a deal, etc)

No touch = A very sensitive issue // a non-negotiable issue

Not for the time being = not now, perhaps later

Not necessarily = A phrase which may express indirect disagreement to the counter speaker’s argument

Not to be confused with. = A phrase expressing precaution against confusion of the meaning of two words sounding alike.

Nuisance factor = The frequent request of something from an other party, in a pressing way, so that the request is satisfied, mainly because the other party wants to get rid of the nuisance caused to him because of the frequent request.

Null and void = Cancelled


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