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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Make me an offer I cannot resist = A phrase used hilariously by an employee addressed to a prospective new boss

Manifest error = An error made on purpose. Used mainly in loan or other agreements (.save for manifest error)

Market leader = A company that enjoys the major market share and the competitors follow its moves

Market maker = The market player who, with his size and magnitude of his transactions can influence the market.

Market segmentation = The segmentation of the market in its major components in order to apply the appropriate marketing strategy for each one

Means, to have the means = Resources, to have the resources

Merchant Bank,  Merchant Banking = See “Investment Bank”
Merit system = The employees’ rewarding system based on their performances evaluated, usually, annually.

Mezzanine financing = A form of a subordinated loan. See also “Subordinated debt” and “Senior debt”

Mickey mouse company / business = A fictitious, non-existing or established for fraud or fronting purposes

Milestone = An important event marking the course of a company, (see also Benchmark)
Misleading information = False information dispatched in order to achieve a benefit

Money under the table = Bribery (to bribe) = Δωροδοκία

Monkey business = Non serious business

Moral boosting = To upgrade the moral of a group of people which has been down for a number of adversities.

Moratorium = The non-payment of loan principal for a certain period. See also “On a pay-as-you-can-basis”, “Payment holiday”, “Bullet payment” and “Balloon payment”

Motivation = The driving force behind some body urging him/her to perform well in his job. See also “Self motivation” and “Demotivation”


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