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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


I am with you = I agree with you

I am working on that = I am trying to resolve the problem, I am tryjng to figure out a solution

I can not afford the expenses = I cannot have sufficient income to pay these expenses

I can not agree more = I fully agree. (It denotes an emphatic agreement)

I can not help it = I cannot do anything to assist you on that
I challenge you = I provoke you to prove something = Σε προκαλώ (να μου αποδείξεις κάτι κλπ)

I do not take no as an answer = I insist to take from you a positive answer

I don’t buy that = I do not believe what you say in your effort to cheat me

I don’t care less = I do not mind (slang)

I learned it the hard way = I learned it through a painful experience

I owe you something = See “You owe me something”

I reasonably believe = I believe something based on certain valid data

I remove my jacket, tie, etc = I put off my jacket, etc.

Ι see = Used during a discussion  in order to denote agreement to the speaker

I see your point = Same as  “I see” (above)

I want to sleep on that = I am not ready to answer now, I want to think more about that and I will give you an answer tomorrow

If something  is like s duck, walks like a duck and speaks like a duck, then it is a duck = Used to stress the obviousness of a situation

If you want an answer now, the answer is no = Do not press me to give you an answer right now, as I have not finalized by considerations and, in order to be on the safe side, I will give you a negative answer.

Ill fated = Unfortunate

IMF = International Monetary Fund = Διεθνές Νομισματικό Ταμείο
In a structured form/way = To do something in a thoughtful, planned, meaningful (instead of an improvised) way

In advance, (or in arrears) = Payment at the beginning, (or at the end ) of a time period

In conformity = In accordance

In good faith = Acting innocently

In inverted commas = It follows a word or expression which the speaker wishes to clarify that he/she does not use its literal meaning.

In line with = In accordance with

In other words = That is to say

In principal // matter of principal // for principle reasons = At first sight // matter of

In the middle of nowhere = Completely lost = στη μέση του πουθενά

In the short/long run = In the short/long term

Industrial espionage = Spying among companies trying to get information on their competitors’ plans etc, using, mostly, illegal means = Βιομηχανική κατασκοπεία.

Industry = A market activity with common characteristics, such as banking, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, aerospace, shipping, constructions, real estate, energy, transportation, etc.

In-house (seminar, resources, lawyer etc) = From within the company, internal

Innocent party = A party in an agreement or a deal suffering a loss caused by another party’s fault.

Inside information = Valuable information known to insiders i.e. executives or employees of a corporation who may illegally use it for their own financial benefit = Εσωτερική πληροφόρηση

Inter-company, intra-company = The first means (transactions) between or among various companies. The latter means within the same company

Investment Bank = Α non commercial bank with activities which include advisory services to private and public entities, merges and acquisitions,

introduction of companies to the stock exchange, etc.

It boils down to = The ending result  = Εν κατακλείδι

It is a benchmark = It is an important event marking the course of a company, (see also milestone)

It is a blessing in disguise = An event that though it appears, at first sight, as a catastrophy, it will prove to be a blessing in the future

It is a can of worms = It illustrates a mean, cunning group of people working in a company

It is a pain in the neck, in the ass = It is a very annoying situation

It is a privilege = Used usually in speeches e.g. “.it is a privilege to have among us Mr. ..”

It is a never ending story = A situation repeating itself, without a solution to the problem

It is against my principles = it is against by moral rules = Είναι ενάντια στις αρχές μου

It is around the corner = It is imminent, it will arrive pretty soon

It is better than nothing. = It makes much sense particularly in business = Στα ολότελα, καλή κι η Παναγιώταινα

It is music to my ears = I am very pleased to hear what you say
It is not a black and white situation, (matter etc) = It is not a plain, clear-cut situation.

It is the best money can buy = Emphasizes the quality of something

It is unacceptable = A strong protest against something happening = Απαράδεκτο

It rings a bell = It reminds me of something = κάτι μου θυμίζει

It works = It operates successfully


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