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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Half day = Half working day usually on the eve of a holiday = Ημιαργία

Hard working = Working long hours with enthusiasm

Hardly working = Working rarely, with no interest on his job

Having said that = A phrase connecting previous phrases providing data with new phrases leading to conclusions

He does not accept criticism = He reacts negatively when his job is criticized

He works hard, he hardly works = Caution, the two phrases have exactly the opposite meaning

Hiccups,  Hiccoughs = Occasional problems in the execution of a task

High flyer = Ambitious and talented executive who targets to the higher levels of management

High net-worth individual = Rich man

High ranking = Having a high rank in hierarchy

His opinion is biased = His opinion is not objective because of own considerations

Hot potato = A problem that everybody is trying to pass over to somebody else

Human resources = Personnel, staff 

Hunting license = (Informal) the credit line being made available by a bank to a customer allowing him/her to purchase any piece of asset e.g. a vessel, which covers the outlined general specifications, instead of referring to a specified piece of asset, as it is the rule.


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