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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Fair enough = OK, your answer, explanation, etc, is satisfactory.

Feasibility study = A study supporting the viability of a project = Μελέτη σκοπιμότητας

FED = Abbreviation of the Federal Reserve Bank being the Central Bank of the USA

Financial statements: 1) Consolidating  2) Consolidated  3) Combined  4) Individual =

1) The statements of a company belonging to a group which, together with the statements of the sister companies compose the Consolidated statements

2) The statements of a group which consist of the consolidating statements of the companies belonging to that group

3) the same as in (2) except that the companies do not belong to the same group, at least legally, and

4) A synonym of (1).

First come, first served = Used to establish the turn of service

Fly-by-night company = A Mickey Mouse company (see also «Mickey mouse company»)

Food for thought = A suggestion in the form of an idea or proposal etc, to be considered thoughtfully before it is rejected or accepted.

For convenience purposes = In order to facilitate the user of

For discussion purposes only = A mark on a document meaning that it is not formal or final but it is a working paper. See also «working paper»

For easy reference = A phrase usually used in letters having attached the documents they refer to, instead of asking the addressee to dig into his records or previous correspondence in order to find it.

For principle reasons = For ethical reasons, for reasons that in line with my personal ethics or beliefs = Για λόγους αρχής

For receipt only = Marking a document one receives making clear that his signature that follows means the confirmation of its receipt and not one’s agreement with or consent to its contents.

For the birds = Inefficient quantities of something, peanuts = ψίχουλα

For the sake of good order = For formality reasons

For the sake of the argument = Let’s suppose, let’s assume

For whatever it is worth = Though under the current circumstances an action seems to be useless, it is worthwhile aiming to a future, presently unknown, benefit

Force Majeur = Extraordinary and unforeseeable event = Ανωτέρα βία (Περίπτωση φυσικών καταστροφών κλπ)
Free-lancer = The professional who offers his services not as an employee, but against an ad hoc remuneration

Fringe benefit, fringes = The compensation of an employee in various forms other than of salary. E.g. company car, mobile phone, medical plan, free housing, schooling, pension plan, stock options scheme, credit car, gasoline, interest free or low interest personal loan, etc.

From a helicopter’s view = A broader view of a subject disregarding the details which may distort the whole picture

From the bottom of my heart = A rather pompous expression used by a speaker who wants to express his thanks, wishes, etc in a speech

Frontman, he is fronting Mr. = Straw-man, the person who seems to be acting on his behalf but actually he is acting on behalf of somebody else who wants to remain in the shadow for his own, legitimate or not, reasons = Αχυράνθρωπος


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