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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Each and every one of you = All of you, without an exception

Embarassing situation = A situation which creates shame, perplexity or being at a loss

En block = Altogether, indivisible. E.g. these two vessels are sold en block i.e. not separately.

End result = Final result

Enjoy it while it lasts = Nice things do not last for ever so enjoy it now and do not worry about what will happen when it is over

Enough is enough = I can not take any more, I can not bear any more, I am fed up with something.

Ethical standards  =  Moral standards, usually referring to a company

Every body needs a pat on his back = Every working person, regardless of rang needs the appreciation of his superiors of his job contribution through an encouraging comment

Every job is 1 % inspiration and 99 % perspiration = This is applicable both to business and art

Everything is under control = Not to worry, we are control an adverse situation, or, everything is OK

Executive summary = A brief summary of the contents of a report, study, etc., highlighting the key points, placed at the beginning, supposed to be read by the executives of a company who do not have much time to spare in order to go through the whole report.

Expiry date, Maturity date = On the expiry date something becomes null and void, while on the contrary, on the maturity date something becomes enforceful.

Explain yourself = Explain what you mean


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