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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Dancing floor = The dancing space, used metaphorically = πίστα χορού

Deadline = The time period allowed to somebody in order to carry out a certain task = Διορία.

Deal maker = The person who is successful in striking deals
Decision maker = The person who actually makes decisions in a company

Delegation of responsibilities = Assignment of responsibilities, from a manager to his subordinate(s), accompanied by the related authorities so that he is relieved from the burden of his work load

Demotivation  = The negative factors that are acting against motivation. See also “Motivation” and “Self motivation”

Devil’s advocate = The verbal defender of the opposing party for the sake of the argument = Συνήγορος του διαβόλου

Distinguished guests = A common introductory phrase of a speech

Diversification = Expansion to other (usually related but not necessarily) e.g. activities, products, etc, for strategic reasons = Διαφοροποίηση

Do not bullshit me = Do not give me wrong or inaccurate information in your effort to cover your ignorance on something I asked you or a mistake

Do not count on me = I am not prepared to cooperate with you, to assist, to support, to back you.
Doer = The person that does not take any decisions, just following instructions

Donkey work = The routine, not demanding but tiresome work assigned, usually to junior or inexperienced employees as part of their training.

Doom’s day scenario = Worse case scenario

Down payment = The payment made in advance usually upon signing a contract

Down sizing = Becoming smaller in size

Down the road = The remaining part until the finalization of something

Down to earth = A person with a realist character

Driving force = The person in a company who is really leading it having the main responsibility and taking the major decisions

Due diligence = The proper care and caution demonstrated in order to carry out a task. Also, the audit is made by the prospective buyer of a company in the books of the company to be purchased


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