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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


Cable = An unofficial word for Sterling Pound


Calculated risk = A risk that has been analyzed thoroughly before it has been taken


Capital gain = The difference between the acquisition cost and the sale proceeds of an asset, after depreciation.


Capitalization = The value of all the shares of a company at the prevailing share’s value in the Stock Exchange, at a given  date = Κεφαλαιοποίηση.


Captive market = Sales among companies belonging to or controlled by the same group.


Career path = The career course one has selected to follow.


Carte blanche = Full freedom of action at the discretion of the one who gets it.


Cash cow = A profitable piece of asset generating ample cash for a company.
Cash flow = Projected estimations of cash inflows minus cash outflows of a project, based on assumptions. The cash outflow includes the loan repayment, principal and interest.


Challenging job, project = Very interesting, from a professional view point, job, project.
Chapter XI (bankruptcy) = The USA law providing for bankruptcy.


Cherry picking = Selective gathering of various valuable or useful things, leaving aside the others.


Clear-cut = Straight forward, absolutely clear.


Commercial bank = A bank that conducts all types of commercial business such as loans, deposits, money transfers, issuance of letters of guarantee, etc.


Commercial decision = A decision that is to be taken based on commercial as opposed to legal considerations.


Commercial justification = To make business sense, to be justified from business considerations.


Company man = An employee fully devoted to his company.


Comparative advantage = The key advantage which diferrentiates one party (country, company, etc.) from competitors = Συγκριτικό πλεονέκτημα


Conditions Precedent = Conditions required to be satisfied before a transaction is concluded


Conflict of interest = An activity or situation which may result to opposing duties = Σύγκρουση συμφερόντων ή Αντικρουόμενα συμφέροντα ή Ασυμβίβαστο.


Contact person = The person in a company to be contacted for inquiries, etc.


Contingency plan = Emergency plan, a plan to be implemented in case of an extra need.


Contingent account = An off balance sheet account = Λογαριασμός τάξεως.
Contractual obligation = An obligation resulting from a contract that has been signed.


Contractual, contractually = Stemming from a contract.


Cool down = Be calm.


Core business = The basic line of business of a company.


Corporate Banking = Banking activities with corporations covering the usual transactions, as opposed to Retail banking, Merchant banking, Investment banking etc.


Corporate structure = The structure of a company (organizational structure, management methods etc that fit to a proper corporation as opposed to poorly structured company = εταιρική δομή .See also «One-man-show».


Corporate veil = the legal manipulation of the shareholding structure of a company aiming to the hiding of the physical persons or legal entities who are the actual shareholders for tax or other considerations. = εταιρικός μανδύας. See also: “To pierce the corporate veil”.


Cost conscientious = One who manages efficiently the costs.
Counter argument = An answer to an argument = Αντεπιχείρημα.


Counter claim = A claim against another claim.


Counter offer / argument = An offer / argument in response of an offer / argument of another person.


Coupled by the fact that. = On top of the fact that.


Credit policy = The rules established by a lending firm (bank or financial institution) governing the terms of their financing. = Πιστωτική πολιτική.


Cross checking = Checking through the use of different resources.


Cross sales = The promotion by a company of the products/ services of an other company belonging to the same group.


Cruises to nowhere = Cruises without a specific destination and without the vessel approaching another port for leisure or for taxation / regulatory purposes (floating casino).


Curiosity killed the cat = Sometimes curiosity may be dangerous.


Cushion = See “Buffer, pillow, cushion”.


Cut-throat competition = Very touph competition having negative effects on the competitors.




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