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Άρης Γαβριηλίδης


A bankable / measurable / calculated risk = A risk that is not taken blindly, as a pure speculation


A gesture of good will = To give something without expecting to receive something else in exchange, at least in the short run = Χειρονομία καλής θέλησης.


A life time opportunity = A rare, unique opportunity = ευκαιρία ζωής


A win-win situation = A situation where all parties involved will benefit Able to work under pressure = The description of the skill of an employee to perform with time constrains or heavy work load or both.


Absolutely / precisely = a word of agreement with the speaker during a conversation


Accomodation = The place to stay (hotel,house etc). See also «To accommodate»


Acknowledgement, to acknowledge = Γνωστοποίηση = Notification that you have received. E.g. We acknowledge with thanks receipt of your letter.


Across the board = Including everything, with no exception


Acting as.(broker, etc) = Written below one’s signature on a letter, it specifies the capacity under which the one signs the letter


Acts of God = Mentioned in the contracts usually to exclude situations like earthquake, flood etc


Adamant = determined to stick to his decision = Aμετάπιστος, αποφασισμένος


Added value = Increased value because of the activity or the elaboration of some body = Προστιθεμένη αξία


Adverse publicity = Defamation = Δυσφήμηση


After all = See “At the end of the day”


Age before brains = A joke said by an elder person to a younger, when the younger person lets him pass first through a door. See also: “Beauty first”.


Aggressive = Very keen to do something


Ailing company / industry = A company/ industry facing severe financial problems


All in all = Concluding = Eν κατακλείδι


All inclusive = The quoted figure includes everything without any extra charges, costs, fees, etc.


All over the place = Everywhere


All the best = The most usual wish = Ευχή, ότι το καλλίτερο


Alternative = (a) adj. Interchangeable (b) n. other, different solution = (α) ως επίθετο: εναλλακτικό (β) ως ουσιαστικό: εναλλακτική λύση (we have three alternatives.)


And so what ? = (Informal) Where is the problem? There is no any problem = Και τι έγινε;


Any budget is better than no budget = It denotes the great importance of the budget in running a company


Appetite = Eagerness, willingness, desire for doing or having something


Around the clock = On a 24 hours basis


As a rule of thumb = As a rough estimation, as a general, but not accurate, rule


As far as I know = To the best of my knowledge


As is, where is (basis) = In shipping, the vessel is being sold in the condition she currently is, with no dry docking inspection, at the place she is berthed


As simple as that = Used to emphasize the simplicity of something


Asset financing = To provide financing to a company based on mortgages or liens on assets belonging to that company. See also «Balance sheet financing» and «Project financing»


Asset Management = The management of the assets, primarily liquid, of an individual (e.g. by the Private Bank) or an organization (e.g. by an Investment Bank)


At an early stage = Before it is late


At arm’s length = Under convenient conditions E.g. The vessel to be valued at arm’s length, for cash, on normal conditions terms, as between a willing seller and a willing buyer.etc


At par, at discount, at premium = The sale price of a security at equal, lower or higher, respectively, level than its face value for various reasons e.g. to reflect the supply / demand levels, to compensate for the interest differentials, etc.


At short notice = To ask somebody to do something in a short time period


At sight = Upon presentation


At the end of the day = Eventually


At the tip of one’s toes = Very willing to satisfy immediately one’s wishes or orders = «τον έχει στην τσίτα»


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